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About DITs - Do it together space

This is an experimental and mutable platform that aims at testing some of the core concepts connected to open source, while applying them to art.

  • The GALLERY provides high-resolution copies of some of my drawings. The idea is to provide quality copies for you to print yourself, remix, share, and use for non-profit purposes.

    Through software like Posterazor you can divide the large images and print them with your own printer. This is merely a suggestion though, as there are MANY other possibilities for you to reproduce the work.

    If you would rather have the work printed out for you in a large format, please write to the email address in the bottom of this page. At this point, there is no ordering system, but it can be made available if enough requests are made.

  • The DISPLAY section displays derivative work from this site. Everyone is invited to send their own images of printed or remixed work in order to be displayed here.
  • Through the BLOG you will be able to access information about other projects that envision collaboration in order to be further developed. You are welcome to participate either locally or remotely.
  • I also added the DIY 6-SECOND VIDEOS section, since these are animations made with found material, pushpins and paper clips and really easy to replicate. Anyone can re-do the characters on their own, either using Vine or other free stop-motion applications.

  • Sharing is strongly encouraged! I would love to hear from you if you have any comments, suggestions, complaints and also, if you want to share your version of any of the works within this site:

    My name is Rita Sá and you can find more about my work here.